8 January 2018

Glen Garioch 30 yo 1986 Gleann Mór – A rare find

Tasting notes
A friend from the Dutch Whisky Forum made me aware of the existance of the independant bottler Gleann Mór. At least by that time (2016), this bottler offered their whiskies for exellent prices. This bottle of 30 year old costed around € 150, which is more than fair nowadays. This gave me an excellent opportunity to taste an old Glen Garioch. It’s from the “doomed” era, but it may have spent enough time in the cask to polish the perfumed sensations off the palate.


Hello Highland! This dram is actually very creamy and malty: butterscotch, toffee, heather, honey, beeswax, barley. Next to this, there is a faint, yet pleasant layer of peat smoke, engine oil, workshop, licorice, heather, fennel, lemon, sour apple, grass and menthol.

Quite punchy, especially given it’s age. But that’s good. It’s not so sweet as the nose might suggest, there is a nice acidic layer (fresh fruit). The balance between the creamy, fruity and earthy elements is very good, everything is well integrated and complex. With water and after quite a while, the earthy and oily side dominates but stays gentle.

Gets a little ginger-y, drying, but furthermore nicely balanced between creamy notes of toffee, earthy notes, fruit and the malt.

A nice, complex, yet lively whisky from a distillery that had another style in the days when this one was produced. It’s very good.  If you like the creamy notes of butterscotch and toffee, you’d better drink it shortly after it’s in the glass. If you like the earthy side more, wait more than a half our… If the finish would have been a tad less drying, it would have gotten another extra point.

Verdict: 90 points

glen garioch 1986 glmo